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  • The best hikes in Vietnam

    Cat Ba National Park, photo by unkle_sam on Flickr

    History might have not always been kind to Vietnam, but nature definitely was. Ancient terraced rice fields, karst mountains, the natural richness of the Mekiong Delta and many other natural wonders are enough to convince millions of travelers from around the world to visit this amazing country. Wars, colonizations and rebellion did nothing to rob Vietnam of its natural beauty, or of its unique and interesting culture.

    Though Vietnamese cities and towns are always capable of entertaining a traveler, many of the most breathtaking spots of Vietnam can be found while out in the wild, far from human civilization. Explore the little known wonders of the country that you’ll discover during some the best hikes in Vietnam.

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  • The best hiking trails in Asia

    Tiger Leaping Gorge, photo by Hector Garcia on Flickr

    From the tallest mountains in the world to the most idyllic tropical islands, Asia has it all. The sheer geographical diversity of the continent is incredible, and naturally the scenery can be more beautiful than you thought you could imagine.

    So it figures that Asia would be chock full of opportunities for hiking, climbing and trekking, and it’s a wonder that any of the routes are ever free of eager travelers.

    Hiking is not all about physical effort and pushing your boundaries, but also about discovering natural wonders small or large, animals, plants and minerals, and getting a bit closer to nature than you were at the start. These trails can do just that and so much more – here are some of the best hiking trails in Asia.

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  • The most beautiful hiking trails in the world

    Salkantay Trail, photo by Helder Ribeiro on Flickr

    Here’s the reason why there are so many incredible hiking trails in the world: our planet is pretty big (for us, at least), and not all people who claim to like hiking actually go hiking (otherwise there might be actual traffic jams on hiking trails).

    That leaves us with expanses of magnificently rugged and challenging terrain through which daring travelers have forged paths in their search of beautiful vistas and healthy outdoor exercise. Some trails are difficult and technical, while others are easy enough that you have ample time to admire the surrounding scenery. So here are some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world.

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