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  • The best hikes in Vietnam

    Cat Ba National Park, photo by unkle_sam on Flickr

    History might have not always been kind to Vietnam, but nature definitely was. Ancient terraced rice fields, karst mountains, the natural richness of the Mekiong Delta and many other natural wonders are enough to convince millions of travelers from around the world to visit this amazing country. Wars, colonizations and rebellion did nothing to rob Vietnam of its natural beauty, or of its unique and interesting culture.

    Though Vietnamese cities and towns are always capable of entertaining a traveler, many of the most breathtaking spots of Vietnam can be found while out in the wild, far from human civilization. Explore the little known wonders of the country that you’ll discover during some the best hikes in Vietnam.

    Mai Chau Valley, Hoa Binh Province

    Once you take a look at Mai Chau Valley from the top of the Cun Mountain, you will instantly fall in love with the scenery. The deep valley shelters the city of Mai Chau and many picturesque villages that are the very image of pastoral charm. The whole province is famous for its scenery, and although many travelers come for the traditional stilt houses, just as many are interested in the many hiking and walking paths in the area.

    Ba Be National Park

    Mai Chau, photo by Jos Dielis on Flickr

    The larges lake in Vietnam, Ba Be, is surrounded by a lush national park with extraordinarily rich flora and fauna. The evergreen forests and the limestone formations of the park create some very interesting hiking paths that will lead you to several points of interest. Hike to Puong Cave, the Fairy Pond, Dau Dang Waterfall or other sights in the national park.

    Cao Bang

    The northern forests, rivers and streams of Cao Bang create the perfect ambiance for extended hiking trips, camping expeditions, and many other adventures in the wild.

    Some of the best hikes in the area can be had in Quang Hoa, in the eastern part of the province, where you can trek for days from village to village, among karst mountains and ancient forests.

    Pu Luong Nature Reserve

    Cao Bang, photo by tomaszd on Flickr

    Some of the most incredible natural sites in Vietnam can be found on the mountain ridges of the Pu Luong Nature Reserve. The two ridges are separated by fertile agricultural land and villages, but if you stick to the wild, untouched areas, there are many great hikes to choose from.

    Hiking and trekking tours can be arranged at the park (including equipment and tour guides), but if you are an experienced hiker you will have a blast exploring the area on your own too.

    Cat Ba National Park

    Cat Ba National Park has mountains and it reaches the sea, which is the perfect recipe for a few incredible panoramic views if you find a place high enough. There are several challenging day hikes through the park that will require every bit of energy you have, but the rewards will be worth it.

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