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  • Top 5 indoor waterparks in the US

    If you live in a place where it doesn’t really get cold in the winter, you are one of the happy people who can go to the pool or to the seaside any time of the year. But if you happen to live in a temperate climate, you will have to abandon your outdoorsy swimming habits until summer comes.

    Luckily, indoor pools are nothing new anymore, and you can always retreat to the safe air-conditioned environment of the indoor waterpark and swim or splash to your heart’s content. Here’s a list of the top 5 indoor waterparks in the US.

  • 5 of World’s Scariest Amusement Parks & Rides

    In such a dynamic and competitive business as the amusement park industry, it is hard to come up with something do daring and groundbreaking that it can determine even the most experienced adrenaline addict scream with excitement.

    When you get to think about the mere fact that people would pay just to get sacred, you realize that the human race is, if not insane, than at least extravagant. This is the main reason why today we decided to present you some of the world’s most extreme, and scary, amusement parks, together with their most feared rides.

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