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  • 5 of World’s Scariest Amusement Parks & Rides

    In such a dynamic and competitive business as the amusement park industry, it is hard to come up with something do daring and groundbreaking that it can determine even the most experienced adrenaline addict scream with excitement.

    When you get to think about the mere fact that people would pay just to get sacred, you realize that the human race is, if not insane, than at least extravagant. This is the main reason why today we decided to present you some of the world’s most extreme, and scary, amusement parks, together with their most feared rides.

    Stratosphere Tower – Las Vegas, USA

    Las Vegas is, par excellance, a city of extremes: with its impossible winnings, strange shows and low-life magicians performing on the streets, Sin City is the adventurer’s and adrenaline seeker’s ultimate destination. Vegas is also the beholder of one of the scariest amusement parks in the US. Right atop Stratosphere Tower, one can encounter crazy rides like X-Scream, Insanity or BigShot.

    They names might sound a little weird, but wait until you see yourself projected up in the sky at 45mph speed, roll in the air with the whole city under your feet or see yourself sliding on a suspended rail at 866 feet above the ground…

    Skycycle, Washuzan Highland Park – Okayama, Japan

    You might find it hard to believe that there is such a category of people like roller coaster junkies, people who are always in search for some extreme sensations and impossible rides. However, cutting edge technology and devices who go against the laws of gravity are noting in comparison with a pedal-powered roller coaster. As eco-friendly as it might seem, this metal structure from Okayama, Japan, takes you pedaling at 45 feet in the air.

    Dickens World – Kent, UK

    The Dickens World theme park in Great Britain might not have anything dangerous or extreme to start with, but just imagine yourself sent back to the 19th century London, and observing with your own eyes the same desolating atmosphere that Charles Dickens described in his novels: a city packed with criminals, greedy old hags, rats and diseases. Not to mention that the whole idea of building a park that is meant to entertain people by familiarizing them with Dickens’ work is simply bizarre.

    X2, Magic Mountain – Valencia, USA

    Following several years of intense work and reparations, X2 roller-coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California represents a next-generation ride. Unlike any conventional roller coaster, this device is equipped with a special rack and pinion wheel, which allows seats to be rotated with 360 degrees, right in the middle of the action. The 46 million dollar worth of a roller coaster is now among the tallest in the world and can generate a maximum 4G force.

    Kings Island Park – Mason, Ohio

    At a first glance, Kings Island Park in Mason, Ohio, has nothing different form any other mid-size amusement park that you can find everywhere in America. But this Ohio park is said to be haunted by no less than 5 different ghosts – mainly park employees who had a little too much alcohol and fell from high points. Goose bumps guaranteed…

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    Bruce Bell TgAvatar
    Bruce Bell wrote on May 16, 2010:

    Give me X2. Love to take a high number of rides in a row on this one.

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