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posted by dato on 20 Sep 2012
Saigon accommodation
Hi all, can anyone recommend any good monthly accommodation in Saigon?
welt-raiser responded to Saigon accommodation on 21 Sep 2012
Are you staying for a month in Saigon? If you are on a budget, I would suggest a hostel or some inn.
welt-raiser responded to Saigon accommodation on 22 Sep 2012
You may want to check out coach services, one month is a little long to stay with someone, but maybe you will find some nice local people and it is really the best way to experience a new place.
itachan responded to Saigon accommodation on 24 Sep 2012
Run a search for some cheap hotels on Travelgrove, you will surely find some good prices. Good luck for your travel!
Palak responded to Saigon accommodation on 27 Sep 2012
Official site of Park Hyatt Saigon – a Ho Chi Minh luxury hotel located in Lam Son Square in District 1. Experience the dynamic location of this 5-star hotel.
thaovietnam responded to Saigon accommodation on 5 Nov 2012
Hello, I would like to recommend you find some hotels near BenThanh Market, Located in District 1.

It is quite easy to search Hochiminh Accomodation.

lovisamindy responded to Saigon accommodation on 26 Nov 2012

It is very rare case to find such monthly accommodation from the hotels portal websites. If you find it from websites portal, then the prices has been calculated by day by day.. so just look into your destinations and move to good hotel, then talk to the manager for such monthly packages of accommodation.

Websites are mostly providing for day by day accommodation in any of your budget



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