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Visa Requirement

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posted by s_c_kwan on 19 Jan 2011
Visa Requirement
Hi, I am a Malaysian planning to take a flight from IND to London(LHR). I find a flight operated by Air Canada which will stop at Montreal Dorval (YUL), Canada, before connecting to London. I want to know, as a Malaysian, do I need to apply for transit visa for connecting at Canada?
anonymous responded to Visa Requirement on 31 May 2011
I am having an telephone interview with british gas on coming monday. My visa is highly skilled migrant programme(hsmp) and it is going to finish in march 2010. But its not a problem as it is extendable and i will get the visa as soon as this one expires. But will the british gas people let me go further in my interview. Please suggest me what should i do?

MadSuh responded to Visa Requirement on 1 Jun 2011
Actually, for people like yourself it's really easy to get the extension. I think if you simply tell them about how easy it is to extend then they should be fine with it.

Also, you received your Visa for a certain reason I assume, so they should like you no matter what. Besides, the lawyer fees in case this needs to be extended will not be something an oil company will be worried about when hiring a skilled worker.

I'd just fly out and see how the interview goes, but I would let them know beforehand that you have this issue and you are not sure how to react, that would put you in even better light.

JaneWilson responded to Visa Requirement on 12 Aug 2011
Hi!!I will fly from Germany to Dubai and then I will fly again from Dubai to Karachi. The time difference between the flights will be 3 hours. Do I still have to take Dubai visa if I am staying at Dubai airport only for 3 hours ? thanks
madisonlilac28 responded to Visa Requirement on 18 Aug 2011
I think you don't need to get that. The plane was schedule to land there. You just need the visa where you are going.
omkalal responded to Visa Requirement on 11 Oct 2012
ou can find information on passport validity, visa information and entry requirements in the Travel Advice for each country under 'entry requirements'.

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