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Rental phone in Japan

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posted by anonymous on 29 Mar 2005
Rental phone in Japan
Hi There,
Last month, I visited Tokyo and rent a from I found renting a phone with local numbers are very convenient and cheap. The phones can be delivered to the hotel in Japan. And cost only $2/day for rental. The one I used has a 3Million pixel digital camera. So if you forget to take a camera, the phone can be used as a camera and send the snap shot instantly. Sending and receiving emails. Only $0.5/min for local calls, and $0.9/min for int'l calls. Incoming is free. No deposit. And I also agree it's probably cheaper to rent when you get to Japan than in another country beforehand.
And I think you can visit to get more details.
Have a good trip, all!
party-girl responded to Rental phone in Japan on 8 Jun 2011
There are actually a lot of services that provide phone cards when you are in Japan. However, I usually hook up my iPhone to some Wifi and then simply use Skype at no cost. If you are there for business, I recommend jailbreaking your phone or take some old cell with you that is unlocked.

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