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Please help me with my dissertation thesis! (Myanmar/Burma)

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posted by Anja09 on 22 Oct 2009
Please help me with my dissertation thesis! (Myanmar/Burma)
Please help me with my dissertation thesis!

My name is Anja Moeser and I am a German College student at the International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef Bonn. I am currently working on my dissertation thesis "The travel motives of visitors to areas recovering from crisis at the example of Myanmar". The survey is directed at all people who have already traveled to Myanmar. The success of my thesis depends significantly on this survey and the answering of the questions takes on average no longer than 10 minutes. Therefore, I kindly ask for your assistance. Naturally, your answers will be handled anonymously as well as confidentially.

Thank you very much!

Here is the link to the survey:
Anja09 responded to Please help me with my dissertation thesis! (Myanmar/Burma) on 22 Oct 2009
Please delete the sign after numbers 18447 and insert: ⟨
Anja09 responded to Please help me with my dissertation thesis! (Myanmar/Burma) on 22 Oct 2009
sorry & lang (just delete the space sign)
Wazling responded to Please help me with my dissertation thesis! (Myanmar/Burma) on 28 Oct 2009
Hi Anja!

Sounds like a interesting theme for your thesis. I would be interested to get to know more about it!

greetz Axel

Btw., the correct links for it are:⟨=en
iTourNepal responded to Please help me with my dissertation thesis! (Myanmar/Burma) on 3 Jan 2012
Hi Anja !

How about Nepal ? I hope you have heard about its 10 years long insurgency that ended up in 2006. We are still writing constitution and integrate 19,000 insurgents who are in cantonments. This has been tough and taking longer that we thought but things are working out.
Nepal is a beautiful country in south Asia comprising 800 km stretch of the Himalayas. As it's landscape ascends from as low as 70 masl to the top of Mt. Everest (8,848m), diversity in biology, culture and landscape is resulted. So its 102 different ethnic groups spread from the tropical forests roved by Bengal Tigers, One horned Rhinoceros, Asian Elephants to the highlands beyond the Himalayas. Visit to know more about Nepal. If you are interested, I would love to help with your dissertation.


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