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(from: Sep 3, 2012 to: Sep 3, 2013)

Ayurveda has been hailed in India since the time when other civilizations had just begun their journey on the face of earth. Being one of the oldest ways to treat ailments of body and mind, it holds the status of respect from everyone who either has or hasn’t used this science. Ayurveda tours India would be more than enough to let you make acquaintance with everything that is a part of this ancient science.

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the science of increasing life expectancy and the term in itself means the same. It professes the usage of five elements of nature to heal that are believed to be the building blocks of body. They are water, fire, earth, air and sky. The varying proportions the three “Doshas”, namely, wind, phlegm and bile, create different problems in different individuals. This science is revered for treating health conditions generated by these doshas with little or no side-effects. Ayurveda in Ananda, Kerala and Orissa is the most popular with foreign as well as Indian tourists.

Ayurveda at Anand
Stress and depression are the major causes for most of the big and small health problems. Leaving them out of our life can save us a great deal of money. At Anand, this is being taken care of. You start learning a relaxed life even in a tensioned environment.

Ananda Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Santvanam Program running for 7 Days, Ananda Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Sodhanam Program running for 14 Days and Ananda Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Rasayanam Program running for 21 Days help you to regain your control on your life. Individual specific balanced diets, exercise regime, meditation, etc does most of the work.

Yoga – Walking Hand in hand with Ayurveda

Along with Ayurveda, India is also known for one more ancient practice to keep body healthy, i.e. Yoga. Yoga is a set of physical poses and exercise that helps body to increase immunity and fight diseases in a better way. It is more of a proactive art to attain state of well-being. In the contrast, Ayurveda comes in to action mainly when body is already attacked by some kind of health related issue. Yoga tours India would let you explore the territories in India that are associated with this ancient art and where it is still pursued exhaustively for the betterment of life. Indian Beaches are one of those places that are attracting tourists from everywhere for Yoga sessions as well as Ayurvedic treatments.

While you go through the things you can do on Ayurveda Tours India, do check and compare the packages provided by different service providers in same area and then, packages in different places of Ayurvedic importance. See that if Ayyurveda and Yoga tour India could be combined. Research and caution always pay.
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