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Hedgehog :)

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by erato 

(about Oradea, Romania, added on Jun 3, 2009)

I know these pictures are exactly travel related, but I found them very cute and wanted to share them with you. Enjoy it!

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erato wrote on Jun 10, 2009:By the way, Oscar sounds good, but the little one rather reminds me of a, the hedgehog... :)

erato wrote on Jun 10, 2009:Actually, I have got this gallery in a mail and wanted to share it with my friends. I thought Travelgrove is the best place for that. Since Lifecruiser posted the link with the original pictures, I contacted the one who made the photos, who allowed me to use the gallery on this site.
Here you can find the whole gallery:

danpop wrote on Jun 10, 2009:@erato ... I want to start an 'give this cuty a name' marathon ... I'll begin with .... oscar (cuz he's so precious ;) )

Wazling wrote on Jun 8, 2009:Yes, normally you should leave them alone, not to scare the mother away. But if they are left alone, you have got to raise them.

mary wrote on Jun 6, 2009:oh, das ist ja so süß.
ich find igel so süß. vorallem den.

Tudi wrote on Jun 5, 2009:The last one makes me sad :|

anneballo wrote on Jun 5, 2009:It has a realy funny face :) in all of the pictures (except the first naturally) it has an other expression on its face :D really pritty little animal!

Wazling wrote on Jun 5, 2009:Pfff! Just can can see, that i only mistyped it! Just forgot the t tarquitius! :P

tibi wrote on Jun 4, 2009:This little thing is so cute! :) I really like hedgehogs

steelfish82 wrote on Jun 4, 2009:thats sooooo.... cute:)

tarquitius wrote on Jun 4, 2009:Awwwwwww... How cute... :-)

Wazling wrote: First i thought i would be a artifcial pet.

Why would you think you would be artificial? :-)

Tudi wrote on Jun 4, 2009:That's one of the cutest things I've seen in a while, sharing it on my blog.

MadSuh wrote on Jun 4, 2009:That for sure is the cutest little thing on the planet... wow. I really did not know that these things could get this cute. I would also appreciate a share :)

zlori wrote on Jun 4, 2009:Hey,

Share this with me please! :) Btw. the hedgehog does not look so scared to me. :)
Nojcsi, you corrected the misspelling of hedgehog in Hungarian? :D It's just a little bit confusing... anyway I see erato already corrected this.

Regards to all

stef wrote on Jun 4, 2009:Absolutely cool...
Rating 100%. I hope the animal didn't die in a heart attack...

Wazling wrote on Jun 4, 2009:Yeah, these hedgehog, Igel in german, looks very sweet. First i thought i would be a artifcial pet.

thomassie wrote on Jun 3, 2009:As an official biologist I must say that this is officially super cute! =)

Sayuri87 wrote on Jun 3, 2009:Ööö, nem e-vel írják a sündisznót?(hedgehog) :P Én úgy tudom :P Ne haragudj, h szólok, csak felfigyeltem rá...

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Anita_meszaros's comment on Oct 28, 2009 6:34:mennyire edes !!! mint egy pluss allatka :) nem szurta a kezed? :P



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