Few days at the Lake Distict

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by anneballo 

(about Windermere, United Kingdom, added on May 13, 2009)


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anneballo wrote on May 20, 2009:Hmmm... :) I didn't met any of these, that you've mention below :D and I never heared about Mr. Worthworth. :S Who is he? Anyhow :) the lake-district is a great tourist place... need a couple of days to see all the sights at this area!

erato wrote on May 14, 2009:While travelling in the Lake District, haven't you met the ghosts of Coleridge or Wordsworth? If you see Mr. Wordsworth, tell him that I liked his poems:D

stef wrote on May 14, 2009:I like those pics with animals, which are close,like you pic no 2. Very nice.

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