Da new FROG

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by tarquitius 

(about Augsburg, Germany, added on Aug 25, 2009)

Finally, a child´s dream come true...
Rock on!

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zlori wrote on Aug 27, 2009:Oh boy. :) I thoroughly messed up my live with the all IT stuff, I would choose archeology too! :)
I have to admit first I was wondering a little bit and trying to imagine how can you ride a frog... :P
Is that yours? If it is than you have a fine parking spot. :D


tarquitius wrote on Aug 27, 2009:Further explanation (apparently required):

Yes, new man´s toy. :-)

Brand: Porsche. Type: Cayman S Sport Design Edition in Porsche 911 GT 3 RS Racing green.

Riding 'Da FROG' is like flying... almost....

I´m happy like a little boy... ;-)

Wazling wrote on Aug 26, 2009:Think he´s showing because it´s his new men toy! :)

erato wrote on Aug 25, 2009:I'm afraid the circumstances are not clear and require further explanation. :)
Is 'Da FROG' yours? What is the brand of 'Da FROG'? I don't even ask if 'Da FROG' is 'Da FROG' because it's green. :P

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