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    Some cities have been around for so long that it’s unthinkable that they would ever disappear. But the truth is that some cities that travelers are especially fond of are slowly sinking, and if nothing is done about their eventual demise, instead of these beautiful historic cities the most you’ll end up seeing is some ponds or bogs.

    But don’t worry, these awesome cities are not about to sink tomorrow (and hopefully they won’t end up sinking at all), so you still have time to visit them. But in any case, rather than taking them for granted, take a trip to these top 5 cities to visit before they sink.

    Venice, Italy

    Everyone’s favorite romantic-historical canal city is slowly being reclaimed by the water that fill its waterways. Parts of the city are built on top of submerged wooden planks, and considering that many of these sections of Venice are really old, it’s no wonder that the foundations are giving out. Venice has supposedly sunk over a foot in the past century, and since the water levels of the Mediterranean are also rising, let’s just say that the future does not bode well for Venice.

    Mexico City, Mexico

    Mexico City, photo by chucka_nc

    Mexico City doesn’t look particularly endangered, but actually the Mexican capital has been confronting the possibility of sinking for several centuries.

    The culprit for this impending disaster is the lake upon whose shore it was built, Lake Texcoco. The Mexican metropolis is sinking about 8 inches per year, but work is being done to save the city.

    New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

    New Orleans seemed like a good place to settle back in the days, but any natural protection the city used to have has been neutralized. The Big Easy had started its descent long before Katrina, having sunk about a quarter of an inch per year. The city is under the sea level and prone to tropical storms, so if you dream of partying in New Orleans, you’d better do it soon.

    Shanghai, China

    Shanghai, photo by Hario Seto Supranggono

    Shanghai’s location might be rather scenic, but the swamplands at the mouth of the Yangtze River upon which the city was built are none too stable.

    Although the wet ground was good for a small fishing village, it it not doing very well when it comes to supporting Shanghai’s skyscrapers. The city sinks about half an inch every year, because it is simply too heavy for its foundation.

    Bangkok, Thailand

    Bangkok’s fate is not exactly to sink rather than drown in the Chao Phraya River which flows through the city. The beautiful temples and enticing restaurants of Bangkok might be underwater is as little as seven years if something isn’t done about it, according to experts.

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