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    Not all tourists travel at day and sleep at night, and night owls who spend their nights wandering around and exploring their surroundings are not interested only in the sights that can be appreciated in the sunlight. Many cities are pretty during the day, but become less inviting at night, so much that you almost forget to look around you.

    But other cities really come alive once the sun sets and the lights turn on – these are the kind of cities whose real beauty becomes obvious after most of their inhabitants go to sleep. If you have an appreciation for a fine nighttime view and a bright skyline, here are the top 5 cities in the world that look beautiful at night.

    Paris, France

    There’s a good reason why Paris is called ‘the city of lights’, and it’s not just some made-up tagline to attract hapless tourists. It just a myth that you can see the lights of Paris from the moon, but the French capital still shines brighter than any other city in continental Europe.

    Paris is full of charm any time of the day, but at night it is downright amazing. The Eiffel Tower lights up like a Christmas tree, the Champs Elysees is lined with street light and bright shop displays, and the whole center of Paris at night is incredible. Book a nighttime cruise on the Seine to appreciate it at its just value.

    Hong Kong

    Hong Kong, photo by Kabacchi on Flickr

    Hong Kong at night looks less like a city in the early years of the 21st century, and more like the cities of the future imagine by sci-fi writers. The city’s gigantic skyscrapers at lit up from top to bottom, and in every single color of the rainbow.

    The best time to spot the landmark buildings of the city is at night, and let’s not forget the nightly show in Victoria Harbor – many of the buildings lit up in a synchronized show called the Symphony of Light.

    Moscow, Russia

    Moscow’s St. Basil’s Cathedral at night beats any skyscraper you have ever seen – it looks like a surreal, gigantic gingerbread castle that you can’t take your eyes off. Of course, the cathedral is not the only place in Moscow that looks spellbinding in the dark. The Red Square looks great at night too, especially since there will be significantly less visitors gawking at the pretty sights.

    Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    photo by wilf2 on Flickr

    You can hate gambling and casinos and kitschy replicas of famous buildings, but you simply can’t hate the sight of Sin City at night. Every single giant hotel, casino and resort lights everything they’ve got, and that’s not even counting all the neon signs and the billboards that shine even at night.

    Add the light of the traffic that doesn’t quite stop, ever, and you’ve got one of the most chaotically bright cities on the planet. The best way to get there is a cheap flight to Las Vegas.

    Sydney, Australia

    A city with so many iconic structures like Sydney can’t be anything less than a stunner at night. Even the sights of the opera is impossible to resist at night, and the Harbor Bridge (and the whole harbor, in fact), is simply breathtaking.

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