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  • Top 5 foodie experiences in 2012

    Rendang, photo by avlxyz

    Traveling is all about new places and experiences, and for many travelers that includes food as well. If you’ve been known to appreciate a good dish and even to seek out foods that may sound a bit out of the ordinary for many palates, then you probably wouldn’t scoff at the idea of traveling somewhere with the sole purpose of eating your way through your destination. There are a lot of places on the planet where it’s worth traveling for the food alone, despite the fact that ethnic restaurants can now be found in most major cities in the world. For some authentic culinary experiences, here are our picks for the top 5 foodie experiences in 2012 – food for thought for your next trip!

  • Top 5 cities for New Year’s celebrations in 2011

    New Year's New Orleans, photo by Gary J Wood

    When it comes to preparations for New Year’s parties, it’s never too late to start. Not because a few months are not a reasonable time to prepare for a trip somewhere, but because if you want to make sure that you find reasonable accommodation and a decent party to attend, you will need to be quick before someone else snatches up all the best deals. Destinations where the New Year’s is celebrated in style are extremely popular, so hurry and jump on the bandwagon while there are seats left! Here are top 5 cities for New Year’s celebrations in 2011.

  • Top 5 cities to visit before they sink

    Venice, photo by Thaddeus Roan

    Some cities have been around for so long that it’s unthinkable that they would ever disappear. But the truth is that some cities that travelers are especially fond of are slowly sinking, and if nothing is done about their eventual demise, instead of these beautiful historic cities the most you’ll end up seeing is some ponds or bogs. But don’t worry, these awesome cities are not about to sink tomorrow (and hopefully they won’t end up sinking at all), so you still have time to visit them. But in any case, rather than taking them for granted, take a trip to these top 5 cities to visit before they sink.

  • The best wax museums in the world

    photo by Abhijeet Rane

    Sculptors and painters have been obsessed for ages with the representation of human form as accurately as possible, but no form of art has ever come closer to copying the human body as the craft of wax sculpture creators. If you’ve seen a wax statue even if only in a picture, you were probably struck by how closely they resemble the people they were modeled on.

    Wax museums have been around since the end of the 18th century, when artist Marie Tussaud started touring Europe with her statues. So if you want to see the wax replica of some past or present celebrity whom you’d like to meet, here are the best wax museums in the world.

  • Where to Travel for Independence Day in 2011

    The US is a lucky case where the national day is in the middle of summer – which usually means lots of outdoor activities, picnics, fireworks and all the rest. A Fourth of November would be considerably less fun than the Fourth of July, so we propose that you make the most of this great celebration.

    How? By traveling to an amazing destination where you can enjoy Independence Day more than anywhere else! So for those who are already planning their Fourth of July, here are some suggestions on where to travel for Independence Day in 2011.

  • Travel destinations for horror fans

    Being scared is not an ideal condition for most people, but others are prepared to go out of their way for a good fright. Horror fans just love the adrenaline rush provided by a terrifying film, or the thrills you get when reading a really scary book.

    If you are a horror fan, then you can indulge in your hobby even when you’re traveling; actually, you might as well travel for a good scare. There are lots of travel destinations for horror fans, so here are a some of them that are guaranteed to terrify you.

  • The most fascinating archaeological sites in North America

    Cliff Palace, photo by Ken Lund

    The United States of America is not a very old state, but well before the British colonists arrived to America in the 17th century, the Native Americans had already built their civilization. Despite the earlier inhabitants of North America, and the vast number of archaeological digs and sites, the northern half of the continent is not exactly famed for them.

    While Central and South America seem to get more attention from archaeologists and visitors, there is much to see in the US and Canada too. Here are some of the most fascinating archaeological sites in North America.

  • Where to eat the best gumbo in New Orleans

    Southern cuisine is one of the most recognizable regional cuisines in the US, and also the most complex and refined one, according to many (but mostly locals from Louisiana and beyond). The objective truth is that Southerners have good reason to be proud of their cuisine.

    The French, Cajun and Spanish influences have brought some exciting flavors into the food of the South, especially in the coastal states where there is plenty of seafood. Flamboyant New Orleans is the place to be if you’re craving some southern dishes, like gumbo, for example, that delicious Louisianan seafood stew. Here’s a list of places where you can eat the best gumbo in New Orleans.

  • The unseen side of New Orleans

    The Big Easy breathes and feeds of tourism, so day and night you’ll always find something to do or see in this city. The French Quarter, the Garden District, the Bayou and Lake Pontchartrain are usual tourist destinations, and if you want a taste of regular, marketable New Orleans, these are the things that you should go and see.

    However, New Orleans is a vibrant and diverse city, and there are always more things to do there than what is advertised in the travel brochures. What’s more, there are a lot of fun activities that you can do in New Orleans for free, you just have to learn where to look for them.

  • Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Crisis – How to Lend a Helping Hand

    We’re going to take a break from travel planning and amazing sights in today’s blog post, in order to bring up a sensitive subject that we’re hoping you will have the patience to take note of and act out by lending a helping hand.



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