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  • The best outdoor ice skating rinks in the world

    Toronto, photo by santaz_elv on Flickr

    In temperate regions, it’s already the beginning of winter, and if you’re lucky to be in the middle of a cold winter with snow and ice, like in the good old times, then people have probably already started enjoying the wonders of frozen water.

    Staging snowball fights or ice skating outside are the best parts of winter, especially if you have a whopping huge ice skating rink at your disposal. Even if the technicalities of a double loop jump escape you, ice skating is good fun for everyone (especially if you don’t mind a few scraped knees and elbows). So if you want to ice skate in style, check out some of the best outdoor ice skating destinations in the world.

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  • Top 5 attractions in California

    The United States has many regions where tourists are drawn like magnets, and for good reason. And among the top best travel destinations in the US, California has always been one of the most exciting places. California has all the ingredients for a perfect vacation: lush national parks, beautiful sandy beaches, vineyards and theme parks, and of course cities where the American dream is very much real.

    If you want a holiday in a place that combine both natural beauty and amazing man-made attractions, California should be at the top of your travel destination list. Here are the top 5 attractions in California.

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  • 5 Inspiring Spring Destinations for the Artist Within

    Just as winter is reserved the grandeur of whole cities covered in snow, autumn the richness of fragrances and tastes and summertime the blessing of the sun, springtime is, above all, simply inspiring. If there is one season pushing us to go outside and awakening our adventure spirit, that can only be spring.

    With all the songs, paintings and love poems praising the spring, no matter that this season often seems over-saturated with romanticism. But it is equally true that there is no better time to let yourself guided by inspiration, grab a camera and let loose the artist within. Traveling across Southern USA, you will discover the most amazing, breathtaking spring sceneries:

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  • Spring Madness – 5 Great Escapes

    Now that winter is living its last days, we can only dream about the spring vacation and that unique feeling of plenitude and renewal that each spring pours into our souls. Spring time is a good time to visit almost any location around the world: the temperatures are mostly pleasant, it’s not yet peak season (so you don’t have to worry about queues and reservations) and multicolored flowers are blooming everywhere.

    Although many people still prefer the Caribbean beaches or the islands of Hawaii for spending their spring break, it’s not necessary to fly as far as Australia in order to get an unforgettable spring break. All across the United States, people find the most original ways to celebrate the return of warm weather.

    Spring is not only the perfect time for festivals, but also a point where nature is just drop-dead gorgeous. And if you decide to head south, you might even get some sun tan sooner that you think. Here are our picks for the 2010 spring:

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  • Your Guide to an Active Vacation

    Sick and tired off all those organized trips, of getting that upsetting deja-vu sensation whenever you enter a hotel room or visit a new museum? Well, no reason to panic: there is nothing wrong with you or with the places that you are visiting. The only problem is that, when you visit places from the same perspective, things are likely to become boring and superfluous at some point. The best thing to do in this case is to change your way of doing things: just try to take more control over the situation, head for some place that you have never heard before, try to understand better the local traditions and lifestyle, and, most of all, learn to trust your own feet and instinct.

    The truth is that many people find it difficult to enter the shoes of the typical tourists: they always feel like going off the beaten path, getting involved, find a new challenge. For both the over-bored and the hyperactive tourists, here is out little guide to an active vacation:

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