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  • Top 5 must see small towns in Switzerland

    Zermatt, Switzerland

    Zermatt, Switzerland

    Switzerland is a rather small country in the heart of Europe mostly known for its mountains, watches and large cities such as Zurich or Geneva. However, the country is virtually full of must see small towns – of which we collected here the top 5 destinations definitely worth to visit.

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    As its name shows, Neuchatel is a French-speaking town with about 33,000 inhabitants located on Lake Neuchatel – one of the largest lakes in Switzerland. It is on my top 5 must see list because of its amazing old buildings and exceptionally well-kept old town with more than 130 fountains – just in the old quarter!!

    What else can you see? The town has got a university as well as several libraries and museums that also worth a visit. You cannot miss the ruins of the old fortification of the town and especially the stunning Gothic church built in the 12th century.

    Thun (Thoune), Berne Canton

    View over Lake Thun in Switzerland

    View over Lake Thun ©calflier001/Flickr

    A little larger but not a bit less capturing, the town of Thun is situated in west-central Switzerland and is home to 44,000 – probably pretty happy – people. Thun is your typical charming European small town with narrow, cobbled streets and flowers everywhere.

    As any worthy Swiss town, it also lies at the feet of mountains and next to a lake – Lake Thun. Thun restaurants and little shops are also lovely and its amazing restored 12th century castle is a definite must-see.

    Charmey, Fribourg Canton

    You can find Charmey in one of the most beautiful natural landscape in the world, among lakes and at the feet of the pre-Alps of the country.

    Apart from the scenery, it is very popular because of the Gruyere baths, the wonderful springs and indoor and outdoor pools. It also hosts a famous festival that annually celebrates the descent of livestock from the mountains onto lower pastures for the winter months.

    On the other hand with only 1,852 inhabitants Charmey is definitely the smallest town of the small towns!

    Zermatt, Valais Canton

    View over Zermatt and the Matterhorn Peak

    Zermatt and the Matterhorn Mountain ©roger4336/Flickr

    Near the Italian border, in the southern part of the country among the high peaks of the Alps you can find Zermatt that is most famous for the nearby Matterhorn Peak, one of the best attractions in Switzerland.

    You can go to the top of the 3,883 meter high mountain with a cable car and fall in love with the view over the Italian, French and Swiss Alps.

    Appenzell, Appenzell Innerrhoden

    The town of Appanzell with its 6,000 people is my absolute favorite, the most perfect Swiss small town. It is full of buildings – houses, shops or restaurants – that are protected as heritage treasures of national importance.

    If you want to experience the authentic Swiss countryside, this is the place for you! And don not forget to explore Appenzell’s 16th century town hall and the ruins of Clanx Castle.

    Hope you have enjoyed this small town guide to Switzerland, please let me know in the comment section if you would recommend any others Swiss town for fellow travelers.

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