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  • Top 5 must see small towns in Switzerland

    View over Lake Thun in Switzerland

    Lake Thun ©calflier001/Flickr

    Switzerland is a rather small country in the heart of Europe mostly known for its mountains, watches and large cities such as Zurich or Geneva. However, the country is virtually full of must see small towns – of which we collected here the top 5 destinations definitely worth to visit.

    Now you even have a chance to win a traditional Swiss holiday to any of these small towns – learn how from the  video below by, the official website of Switzerland Tourism.

  • The best small towns in Europe

    Wengen, photo by suedtirol.altoadige on Flickr

    Is the fast-paced life on mega-cities starting to grate on your nerves? The best remedy is a trip to urban spaces where people don’t mind slowing down for a bit, where you can still stop and smell the flowers, and the sky is visible without being obstructed by hundred story tall sky scrapers. Despite having its fair share of modern cities, old Europe retains much of its classic charm, especially if you spend some time in small towns that combine the peaceful atmosphere of the countryside with all the cultural and historical attractions that you would find in larger cities. Wind down and enjoy life’s small pleasures in some of the best small towns in Europe.

  • Top 5 travel attractions in Greenland

    Narsaq, photo by Claire Rowland on Flickr

    The largest island on Earth is also the least populated place on the planet, and one that is very little known in the world at large. Although it is part of the Kingdom of Denmark, Greenland pretty much takes care of its own business internally, and it is well on its road to independence (which would cost Denmark 97% of its territory). For such a huge country, Greenland has a surprisingly low number of visitors, despite the fact that it isn’t nearly as inaccessible as it may seem. This gem of Inuit and Danish culture and stunning landscapes is an uncharted territory for many travelers who roamed around the world, and visiting it once will make you wish you had gone there earlier. Here are our picks for the top 5 travel attractions in Greenland.

  • The best small towns in the world for autumn travel

    Douro Valley, photo by Rosino

    Some people are squeamish about traveling in summertime. Unless you can afford to travel only in air conditioned cars or airplanes, being on the road in the summer heat is hardly a very pleasant experience. This is why many people prefer to travel in autumn, when you can still enjoy sunlight but the weather is considerably milder.

    And there’s another pro to autumn travel – the foliage. Taking a trip to the countryside or to small, peaceful towns surrounded by a sea of red and gold leaves doesn’t compare to anything else in the world. So here are some of the best small towns in the world for autumn travel.

  • The best small towns in Canada

    Stratford, photo by Robert Taylor

    There is no one word to sum up what Canada is like. As a country, it is big, and much of its appeal in it comes in supersized portions: big mountains, big forests, big natural parks, some big cities. But there is a side to Canada that is made unique by the tiny details, little wonders and small towns.

    Small town Canada is Canada at its most charming, and a visit tot the True North is never complete without including a few small towns on the itinerary. Quaint, quiet, colorful or lively, the best small towns in Canada make delightful holiday destinations.

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