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posted by parm10 on 27 Oct 2010
Cheap Flights Turkey
Turkey received over 28 million tourists last year. This, the culmination of several years of some of the fastest tourism growth ever seen anywhere in the world. Tourism from Britain alone has been growing at an average 20% per year according to official data from the Association of British Travel Agents.
Because of this rapid growth in tourism, flights to Turkey have also increased exponentially in the last few years. The advent of budget airlines and subsequent abundance of cheap flights to Turkey then formed a self-perpetuating cycle of further growth; more cheap flights equals more tourists, which in turn equals more cheap flights.
Finding deals on cheap flights to Turkey is not as easy as you would think or as it should be. This is partly because of the sheer volume of flights, airlines, and comparison wesbsites, and partly because of the way the web works.
Almost every provider, advertiser or aggregator of cheap flights to and from Turkey -- and anywhere else for that matter -- is doing so as part of a commercial enterprise, with the main aim of making money. Helping people to find cheap flights is just a necessary part of the money making process.
That is not a problem here; our main concern is finding the best deals on flights to Turkey and presenting them to our Turkish and worldwide visitors. That is the whole aim of this site: We want to be the first site people come to when they are looking for cheap flights to Turkey
Cheap Flights Turkey

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