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Possibly trying to connect to a cruise in genoa

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posted by Falcon on 30 Jan 2010
Possibly trying to connect to a cruise in genoa
How do I find cheap airfare from Philadelphia leaving on July 25 returning on august 6, 2010.
erato responded to Possibly trying to connect to a cruise in genoa on 1 Feb 2010

You should book your flight as soon as possible to get the best offer. Try to search your flight. You give the details of your flight, then select some of the providers using the checkboxes next to the logos of the providers and hit 'search selected'. Some of the best are Travelgrove and Orbitz, but there are many others.

The best offer I found was at Cheapoair, for $1220 (not including taxes, the entire price is $1384 ), but it has a stop in Munich. It is a US Airways flight, departing from Philadelphia (PHL) on July 25, at 6:10pm and departing in Munich (MUC) on July 26, at 8:30am. It leaves Munich at 12:40pm and arrives to Genoa (GOA) at 2:15pm, July 26.

It returns on August 6, you depart in Genoa at 6:35am and arrive to Munich at 8:15am, depart from Munich at 12:15pm and get to Philadelphia at 3:30pm.

You should, of course also make some research, as they have quite a lot of providers, check them out.

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