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What are the variaties airfares frorm dar to mwanza?

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posted by Zahra on 21 Aug 2008
What are the variaties airfares frorm dar to mwanza?
I would like to get informed about different airfares from dar to mwanza of different air companies. Further more, I would like to ask for descriptions about the fares charged to students. And lastly, the procedures to students in need of registering for these services (if any ). thank you
TraveldealsTz responded to What are the variaties airfares frorm dar to mwanza? on 26 Aug 2011
Flights and Airlines in Tanzania are offered by several airlines. Flight ticket prices and fares differs from Airline to Airline.

Flight fare from Dar es salaam to Mwanza is as follows:-

- By fly540 Airline price is 198 US $ per person one way

-By Precision Air and Air Tanzania price is 250 US $ per person one way

Prices fluctuates so it might differ slightly.
TraveldealsTz responded to What are the variaties airfares frorm dar to mwanza? on 27 Aug 2011
Mwanza has a lot of cruises and tours ranging from Lake Victoria cruising, sport fishing and wildlife safaris. Mwanza is located in western tourist circuit. Northern tourist circuit is most famous and has a lot to do like mountain climbing and wildlife safaris.

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Some travelers can add extra day for acclimatization.


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