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Miami beach in sept/oct '11

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posted by travelbab2011 on 11 Apr 2011
Miami beach in sept/oct '11
Hi I am planning a trip to Miami beach and want to know all about the fun entertaining things to do but i want to spend everyday at the beach. Will it be hot at this time of the year - end of september beginning of october?
papillon responded to Miami beach in sept/oct '11 on 8 Jun 2011
First of all, Atlantic hurricane season is from 1 June to 30 November, so have to be prepared for a possible hurricane.
The weather and sea is always warm here but in September and October you should already bring a jacket too, for cold fronts.

Miami Beach also has the largest 'collection' of art-deco buildings in the world if you are interested, these 1920s houses are really pretty.

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