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2 weeks in Japan in September

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posted by TheJetExpert on 7 Mar 2012
2 weeks in Japan in September
I would so appreciate ideas about seeing Japan for 2 weeks in September. I would fly to Tokyo, and after a few days, rent a car to see other cities and places. Is that a good idea, and where is best to see? Could I go back to the USA from a different city so I don't have to backtrack?? My budget is moderate. Thanks.,
welt-raiser responded to 2 weeks in Japan in September on 9 Mar 2012
There are quite a few travel guides on this site

It was of good use for me once, also, they have budget tips for visitors. Good luck!
papillon responded to 2 weeks in Japan in September on 9 Mar 2012
I do not know of any travel guides, but Japan is not really cheap, so try to eat streat food - which is amazing by the way - and stay in hostels...
zsoldicsa responded to 2 weeks in Japan in September on 16 Mar 2012
Travelgrove has got a travel guides section, try to check that out, I have found you the japan guide, but there are guides about every larger city:

They also list the most popular destinations.
anonymous responded to 2 weeks in Japan in September on 24 Mar 2012
Tokyo is the Capital of the Japan. Japan is one of the advanced and modern countries of the world. Japan is a big producer of Cards and electronic item specially robots. Japanese technology is famous all around the world for its uniqueness and creativity.
Japan has big market share in the USA and it is large manufacturer of cars and motor bikes in Asia. Honda is the world large company of Japan that is producing luxury cars and motorcycles.
The GDP growth rate is 2% in 2006. Japan still has to face its structural problem like its public debt account 160% of the GDP.

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