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Tidung Island in Indonesia

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posted by michaelhutajul on 7 Sep 2011
Tidung Island in Indonesia
I've spent my vacation in Tidung Island, Indonesia.

Where are you gonna go when you feel bored with city life and want to find an escape destination from the daily routine with a minimum budget? One alternative that you should try is to go to Tidung island.

Tidung island is located on northwest Jakarta. Approximately, it takes 2 hours to get there by boat from Muara Angke. Tidung consists of two islands; Great Tidung and Small Tidung. These islands are connected with a long bridge.

Tidung island shapes like an exclamation mark. Most of the community houses is located on the east part of the island. You need to cross a km or so to reach the west part of the island. Luckily, you can easily find rented-bycicle there.

What you don't wanna miss in Tidung is the snorkeling experience. My travel guide said that Tidung has the most exotic snorkeling spots among others in Thousand Islands. Unable to swim is not a wise reason to miss snorkeling, with life vest and snorkel fins, you can swim like a fish.

If you're gonna busy with heaven-like beaches and corals at the day, what can you do in Tidung at the night? As far as I see, Tidung has no fancy restaurant, but you can get affordable seafood near the docks.

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