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Basic General Travel Tips for Egypt

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posted by ZennyMorag on 4 Nov 2014
Basic General Travel Tips for Egypt
Egypt is one of the oldest and beautiful countries throughout the world.Basic thing you will do before visits this country .

1- valid passport and entry visa
2- weather information
3-Hire a good travel expert like Ask Aladdin
4-Egypt is a Muslim country, so please respect their faith.
5-Make your reservation in advance
6- Internal flights by Egypt Air must be booked in advance
7-Ask your hotel's reception desk for help and/or advise
8- Buy (and drink) plenty of water.
9- Wear sensible footwear when visiting the various sites.
10- Do not be scared of being part of a group for excursions.
anonymous responded to Basic General Travel Tips for Egypt on 23 Dec 2014
Thanks Zenny...
Very informative post!!!!

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