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posted by jas86333 on 28 Jan 2009
Help in Colombia
I am 72yo male traveling alone to Colombia. Is it safe to tour the cities and country? Also would like to stay with a family, do you know anyone accepting a homestay?
Thank you.
Wazling responded to Help in Colombia on 30 Jan 2009
Hi Jason!

As far as i know from friends of mine, travelling Colombia and Venezuela isn´t so dangerous, if you pay attention wehere you are going to. Travelling in the jungle or off road is not to recommend,if you´re alone. But if you stay at the bigger cities and dont leave the main roads, you´re relatively safe. Last year a sister of mine travelled through Venezuela, and the only thing that happened to her friend was diarrhea.
Lonelyplanet for example describes Colombia:
"....While media reports still speak of coca fields, violent crime, rebel shoot-ups and kidnappings, travelers are often left to wonder how so many troubles can plague a country that appears so, well, normal....".
But nevertheless you should be carefull, because you never know for sure. The US Department of State still warns US Citizens to go there.
But i think if you take care of some easy rules, you can experience an interesting country.
Daniel1979 responded to Help in Colombia on 20 Feb 2010
Hi Jas:

I stayed with a host family while I was in Colombia. Check my review here on travelgrove:

I never felt unsafe in Colombia.

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