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Ferihegy airport, Budapest

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posted by zdanko on 24 Apr 2009
Ferihegy airport, Budapest
How can I get to the Ferihegy I Airport in Budapest? Is there some kind of bus there? Or only with taxi?
stef responded to Ferihegy airport, Budapest on 24 Apr 2009
When you decide to take a cab, use TAXI2000 or Fotaxi. Most of the others are expensive, because they chose the longest possible way to the destination.
erato responded to Ferihegy airport, Budapest on 24 Apr 2009
There are also a lot of buses and taxi services of different companies going to city center. Here are some prices for comparison:
Zona Taxi about 5.000 HUF (17 Euro), private bus company:2.990 Ft (9 Euro), local transportation service (BKV): about 1.000 HUF (3.5 Euro) and train from terminal 1: 300 HUF (1 Euro). Cheers

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