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Things to do in Bangkok

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posted by anonymous on 19 May 2005
Things to do in Bangkok
Bangkok is indeed an interesting area in South East Asia because of its reputation for sight seeing and activity. Below are brief descriptions of some interesting places you may want to visit. Tourists that have been here before would probably have these places on their lists of places to go and things to do.
The Attractions in Bangkok:
Generally, the climate is warm and humid from March to June, with a considerable amount of rain coming in July and the ensuing months. It is known that tourists come a long way just to enjoy the climatic conditions in Bangkok between March and June.
Ancient City (Muang Boran):
This city is situated on Samut Prakan province on the Sukhumwit Highway. The city covers around 320 acres of land, and is also said to be the world's largest museum. It presents visitors with images of scaled-down characters and other historic monuments. For information, one may call: Tel. 0 2323 9253.
Visit Durations last throughout the day, and the museum is open from 08.00 - 17.00.
In order to reach this place by road, it is about 33 km from Bangkok via Highway No. 3 also called Sukhumwit Highway. It is said to be a forty minute. drive.The alternative means of reaching this place is to take a No. 8 or 11 bus to Samut Prakan, and then grab local transport to the Ancient City.
In addition to these places there are other interesting ones that can be reached easily at any part of the day through the transport network.
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globetrotteri responded to Things to do in Bangkok on 11 May 2009
A great way (and super-cheap) to see the city is by hopping on one of the river taxis on the Chao Praya River. These water taxis move up and down the river and cross from side to side. Take a journey at sunset and catch the sinking sun as it sets behind beautiful Wat Arun. It's an experience you'll never forget.
tibi responded to Things to do in Bangkok on 8 Jun 2011
Travelgrove actually has a really nice travel tips section where you can view all sorts of tips for different cities.

My personal favorites are:

Royal Palace
Flower Market
Floating Market
China Town

I am not into the scumbag type of travel stuff that many people think of when visiting Thailand, so these are things I would be doing. BTW definitely check out the Grand Oishi Buffet at Siam Discovery Center.

Todd-Midas responded to Things to do in Bangkok on 4 Aug 2011
I had a foreign exchange student friend from Thailand. She lived in the Bangkok area. The summer after she left back to Thailand, my mom and I planned a trip over there. While we were there, it was really great because everything was so inexpensive! We went on an elephant ride and it was so much fun! Oddly enough, one of my favorite things about our trip to Thailand was when my friend showed me this website that gives you random ideas. Most of them were pretty ordinary ideas of things to do with a group of friends - if you were in America that is! Doing some of these things in Thailand was so much fun! If you wanted to give the idea website a try (I highly suggest it!) I think it's the Things To Do With a Group page of random Here's the URL if my HTML link didn't work: So, moral of the story, try doing some things you'd ordinarily do in an American city and see how they stack up when you do them in Bangkok.

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