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ccts What are you doing right now? on Dec 10, 2008

November 19, 1984
Home town:
Beijing Shi, China
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beijing, xian, shanghai

Native language:english Webpage:http// Occupation:travel operator Interests:travel Slogan:first-rate travel service Description: E-mail: Skype: cctsinfo  
Eye color:black Hair Color:black Smoke:no Favorite cities:beijing, xian, shanghai 

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My Unique China Travel - Tongli Ancient Water Town , by ccts

My Unique China Travel - To...

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"ccts's travel journal"
Last updated on Dec 23, 2008
customized China private tour , by ccts

customized China private tour

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"ccts's travel journal"
Last updated on Dec 10, 2008

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1. About Bird's Nest Stadion, Beijing (added on Jan 6, 2009)
2. Visiting Tongli Ancient Water Town (added on Dec 23, 2008)
3. What you should see in Guilin Yangshuo (added on Dec 14, 2008)

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