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Ottawa, ON Canada
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Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, Netherlands
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New York, San Juan, Berlin

Native language:english Occupation:Ministerial Speechwriter Interests:Everything Slogan:If it no fun, why do it? Description:First I get to YOU: never, ever have I seen such a useless and overlong imposition on my time before I could even get to the issue at hand. ABSOLUTELY SHAMELESS! Your marketing people need some real help in basic social skills. I am 70, and you annoy me. 
Languages:french, german Eye color:brown Hair Color:grey Height:5'6" / 170cm Weight:170lbs / 77kg Smoke:no Religion:protestant Favorite cities:New York, San Juan, Berlin Favorite books:To Whom The Bell Tolls, The Divine Comedy, Hitler's Mein Kampf Favorite movies:Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Suddenly Last Sommer, Who is afraid of Virginia Wolfe? Favorite music:pop, rock, jazz, top40, hard rock, soul, reggae, country, classical, opera 

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Aug 23
Manhattan has added more destinations including Sao Paulo. 5:00pm

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