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by Richa 

(from: Jul 5, 2012 to: Dec 5, 2015)

The beauty of Leh Ladakh has become popular of late with numerous people from all across the world travelling to experience the serenity and peace provided by a Leh Ladakh tour. Spending time in Leh Ladakh is the embodiment of the phrase ‘simple living and high thinking’.

Leh Ladakh is a district of Jammu and Kashmir nestled in between the majestic mountain ranges of the Himalayas and the Karakoram. This provides for beautiful scenic panoramas that leave one spellbound. Apart from it being a place where can go to seek repose it is also an excellent tourist spot. Leh Ladakh tours also offer other activities particularly unique to it.

The Monasteries
A Leh Ladakh holiday must without a doubt consist of at least one visit to the numerous monasteries situated in the district. The history of Leh Ladakh is steeped in Buddhist culture and tradition and it still lives on in these monasteries, their architecture and most of all the Buddhist monks who still reside within them. One will require numerous Leh Ladakh holidays to explore and delve into all the Gompas (the Leh Ladakh Monasteries as they are called). The Lamayaru monastery, Thiksey and Spituk Monastery are some that you could visit. Another great piece of architecture is the Leh Palace, from where the district was ruled when it was a small kingdom.

The Festivals
Leh Ladakh has numerous festivals that best showcase its diverse culture and the traditions and practices of the people. If you are interested knowing more about their culture than visible in day to day life, you ought to structure your Leh Ladakh holiday during the festive season. Hemis festivals, Ladakh festival, Ladakh harvest festival, Thiksay Gustor are the names of a few of their festivals that involve numerous fairs, exhibitions, shows and rituals. They offer a great chance for one to truly imbibe the spirit of this land and its people who have lived in such a remote destination for so long.

An Adventure Tour
The adrenaline junkies will also have a lot to do if they are on a magnificent Leh Ladakh holiday. Leh has numerous options for people to indulge in numerous adventure sports and activities. Leh Ladakh has numerous treks and wildlife tours to Ladakh walks that one could go on. Mountain biking is also another option and a great one to see the city at one’s own speed and time. During winters one can also go skiing!

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