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by Richa 

(from: Aug 14, 2012 to: Aug 14, 2012)

If there is a place in India, which can be termed as a heaven on earth then undoubtedly it is the Ladakh. As it is the land full of natural beauty, and the picturesque plethora of the icy land attracts the visitors to go on for the most adventurous expedition of a lifetime. The trip is apparently one of the most thrilling ones as you pass through the excitement and ecstasy of a lifetime through the lanes of the natural dunes of ice and mountain ranges. Many visitors call Ladakh as the best place for adventurous tourists as it offers various sites for trekking, angling, skiing and hand gliding, which make the tourists enjoy some of the most exciting and scintillating sports in the world.

Apart from all the adventure sports, Ladakh also offers three different options to go on a Safari which includes the Camel Safari, Jeep Safari and Motor Biking. With these all three safaris you can uncover the land of mystic journey which eventually takes you close to the nature and makes you fall in love with it.

The expedition on any of the three mentioned safaris will take you through wilder lane of the cosmos and make you uncover the enigma. Since ages,the Camel Safari in Ladakh has been popular and the charisma of vacillating movements has been the center of attraction for tourists. In Ladakh, the Camel Safari is mainly available in the months of July to September and the jagged mountain terrains are uncovered with it. The trip to Nubra Valley is the most unforgettable camel safari in Ladakh. In addition to this, tourists also go to the frozen desert land and there the presence of natural beauty enthralls them.

As the camel safari is available for a few months every year, the Jeep Safari in Ladakh is available pretty easily and that too all through the year. The Jeep Safari is getting more and more popular day by day. The last but not the least safari which attracts more and younger blood is the motor biking. This motor biking journey is thrilling and exciting in nature and considered as the best of all the safaris in Ladakh and makes the entire expedition an extraordinary one. The tour to Ladakh comes in various packages beginning from a four nights and five days and goes up to eight nights and nine days. If you are an adventurous person who loves to uncover the beauty of nature then book your package for a trip to ladakh with your family and friends for an extraordinary expedition to Ladakh.

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