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by makayinpersim 

(from: Jan 16, 2014 to: Jan 16, 2014)

Ephesus is an ancient city built during the reign of the Roman Empire. spread over a very large area where people sit in first place and the slopes are home. It houses
Besides the king's palace and the city hall is located. 600 meters in length extending to the harbor there are ways a king and a large number of people attended the show on the road celebrations are scheduled. On the way many statues of King columns of the temple is monumental tombs. Very large main gate and were made very
beautiful stonework. lots of love from the room in the house that have occurred and there is also a natural ventilation system. Use a combination of people that have outdoor toilet. Here a rich port city of Ephesus and the caravan of goods from the Far East and the Arabian peninsula in Greece and Italy before the ship goes here
with all of europe.

Very valuable to scientists and artists have lived here all of the most beautiful works of sculptors have done here. Ephesus was the center of the theater and the show. here Has a capacity of 10,000 people a very special concerts and shows are held here. Celcus in Ephesus Libray has occurred and this is a magnificent work of art with architecture and at the front there are four statues made of marble. Epheus, this 2-storey building from the outside the inside is made ​​of a single storey and receive more light is made for. Ephesus was very nice Greek Latin Arabic translated books include manuscript. Virgin mary house has been recognized as a place of pilgrimage by the Pope. Virgin mary house a sacred place is very peaceful. Made a huge bronze statue of virgin mary has. I prayed and lit candles galore and a small cross shaped house here.

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