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by anneballo 

(about Harrogate, United Kingdom, added on Jun 5, 2009)


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bicska wrote on Jan 8, 2010:oh... harrogate, my british home...

zlori wrote on Jun 8, 2009:Hey,
Next time wherever you go I'll visit you for sure! The town really looks paceful and I like the squirrel's funny face, :)

danpop wrote on Jun 7, 2009:OMG ... is this Scrat??? 8->

anneballo wrote on Jun 5, 2009:Yes! this is the town where I live here. It is a typically English town. Is really nice and quiet with a lots of parks...

erato wrote on Jun 5, 2009:Is this the town where you are now? Seems to be very peaceful, the pictures are also beautiful, so elegantly British... :)

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