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by iluveurope 

(about Kingstree, South Carolina, added on Jul 8, 2009)

Our home away from home where we just chill out.


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iluveurope wrote on Aug 19, 2009:Thank you for your kind words. We enjoy our home in Temple Hills, that's where our children grew up. In fact we just got our hedges pulled from the front of the house and it looks like a different house, I took some before and after pictures. Once we are both retired, we are heading to SC permanently.

erato wrote on Aug 19, 2009:This house and garden are so beautiful. I can't even imagine how can your house in Temple Hills be if you can resist not to live in Kingstree permanently. :)

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Iluveurope's comment on Aug 19, 2009 10:24:Thank you. Yes, that is my wonderful husband. We are heading that way again in October. I will take some more pictures with him facing the camera this time. :-)

Erato's comment on Aug 19, 2009 1:00:Is that your husband there?
You should post some pictures where not only his back can be seen. :)
The house is wonderful by the way.



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