Team building, Varciorog

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by zdanko 

(about Varciorog, Romania, added on Oct 6, 2009)


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zdanko wrote on Nov 9, 2009:I was awsome!
I can't wait for the next adventure day.

danko_zoltan wrote on Oct 21, 2009:I like the photos you took in Varciorog, I see you had a great time there, nice team building... or better said: team adventure event :)

marius_f wrote on Oct 6, 2009:Great to remeber the excelent day we spent togheter in the midle of the nature :) ... iiiihhhaaaaa!

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Marius_f's comment on Oct 6, 2009 22:52:iiiiihhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa ... my dear equipment :)


Marius_f's comment on Oct 6, 2009 22:52:big happy family :P



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