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by Tudi 

(about Valencia, Spain, added on Jun 23, 2009)

The Oceanografic complex in Valencia, Spain.

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Tudi wrote on Jun 23, 2009:Yeah, definitely a place to visit if you're in Valencia. Right next to it is a bridge of flowers (I have pics of it in my other Spain gallery), that one was nice as well. I'm just sad I don't have pictures with the exterior of the Oceanografic complex, I'll look around my PC at home when I get there. In the meantime, check out how it looks from the outside:


MadSuh wrote on Jun 23, 2009:fishies ;) very nice... I love those jelly fish, they are soo much beautiful than what we think of them. Anyhow, this gallery shows me that I really need to go to one of those aquariums myself. I think I have not been to one in like 20 years :)

Tudi wrote on Jun 23, 2009:There were all sorts of fishies there, from whales to sharks and sea horses. The dolphin show was amazing, although you had to pay an extra fee to see it (but it was fell worth it).

I need to visit the Tropicarium next time I'm in Budapest, I've been there 3 or 4 times but never got the chance to see it.

angel wrote on Jun 23, 2009:Little cute sharks :D This place looks like the Tropicarium from Budapest, but with more big fish :P

Tudi wrote on Jun 23, 2009:Yeah, sorry for the clarity, most of the inside shots were very dark and my camera didn't handle that very well. There was this room where the roof was an aquarium as well, it was awesome seeing sharks stroll around half a meter above you. Unfortunately I couldn't find a pic of that, I'll have to dig deeper in my photos.

cipristb wrote on Jun 23, 2009:That seams to be a real delfinarium ... I like this pics even if they are not very clear

Tudi wrote on Jun 23, 2009:I urge you guys to visit this place, it's awesome! The architecture, the marine life, the shows, they're all great. And this, coming from someone who hates fish :)

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