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by tarquitius 

(about Fussen, Germany, added on Apr 27, 2009)


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tarquitius wrote on Apr 28, 2009:Axel and I studied together in Augsburg... :-) Archaeology, Ancient History etc. Where Axel now makes a good carreer in the Internet business world, I am stuck at university, but, luckily, not as a student any more... ;-)

erato wrote on Apr 28, 2009:Impressive pictures indeed, and I enjoyed the explanation as well. Looks like we have an archaeologist here - actually two with Axel. :) Your pictures looks really valuable so keep going, Cheers

cipristb wrote on Apr 27, 2009:Nice foretress

tarquitius wrote on Apr 27, 2009:Well yeah, sort of. It was the summer residence of the Bishop of Augsburg. Originally it seems to have been planned as fortification, though. It situated on the foundations of a Late Roman legionary fortress (legio III italica), right next to the via claudia augusta, which was the major trade route between the north and the south across the alps from Roman times on until WWI

zlori wrote on Apr 27, 2009:Your hometown happens to be a beautiful city! I enjoyed this gallery, keep posting! Regards P.S.: Is that the fortress of Fussen on those pics (10-16)?

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