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Island of Crete

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by Wazling 

(about Heraklion, Greece, added on Apr 22, 2009)

Heraklion and Knossos


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stef wrote on Apr 23, 2009:There's no reason for me to go their in the summer again. Extremely high temperatures (over 40 C during the day and over 30 during the night), how I mentioned crap hospitality, no really fun for the kids. But I will go sometime in tha spring or fall with my bike. Thre are some trails in the mountauins, which are amazing. I know a hotel in Agios Nicolaos, driven by a swiss family, specialized for biker. Thre you can rent some cool bikes also.

Wazling wrote on Apr 23, 2009:That shows, that you always have to know where to go to or at least yu should get informations where to go. Like you can do it here at the community!

cipristb wrote on Apr 23, 2009:Stefan's experience is not one of the nicest but that of Wazling sounds good ... :D

Wazling wrote on Apr 23, 2009:Yeah, maybe sometimes thereĀ“re strange people. When i have been there, we were invited by a friends family. That was real hospitality. They made us eat a big dinner and afterwards they played traditional music and the whole family was listening or dancing. But the best was, that all the man went to an pub, drinking some Raki and eating appetizers, during the women were preparing the dinner. We had no chance to help or so.

stef wrote on Apr 22, 2009:Crete has great landscapes, but a weird hospitality despite the fact, that tourism is their main income source. I was 3 years ago there with my family. After we visited Knossos, we took the lunch. I ordered for the kids ORANGE juice. After a while my older boy complains, that his drinking straw is clogged. I checked it and saw, that at the end of the straw was a MELON kernel. I asked the staff, and they replied: 'it's ok, you can drink it'... Cheers

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