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  • Top 5 bike friendly cities in the world

    Perth Australia

    Perth Australia

    Biking is one of the ecofriendliest ways to get around nowadays, and in addition to protecting the environment, it’s good or your health and general well being too. But that’s not all, because from a tourist’s point of view, there are some other advantages to biking.

    First of all, if the place  you’re visiting has bike track, then renting a bike is far more affordable than relying on public transport, and in crowded cities it might even get you aster to your destination. Besides, nothing beats seeing a beautiful city from the vantage point of a bike seat, and sneaking into narrow alleys and corners that no bus can get into. So for bike enthusiasts, here are the top 5 bike friendly cities in the world.

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    There are lots of cities in Europe with well organized bike track, but none of them loves bicycles quite as much as Amsterdam does.The whole city is crisscrossed by extensive bike lane networks, bike rental shops and bike parking spaces.

    You’ll see many people going about their business on a bike, and there are almost as many bikes in the city as inhabitants.

    Barcelona, Spain

    The Calatonian capital is not only a place for art and architecture enthusiasts who just can’t get enough of Barcelona’s beauty, but lately its  inhabitants have become genuine bike fans. In the past few years, countless bike rental shops have opened in the city, and in May there’s even a Bike Week in celebration of the two-wheeled wonder.

    Chicago, Illinois

    Chicago is said to be one of the most bike friendly cities in the US, and indeed, bike lanes are not a rarity in the city and more of them pop up every year. Chicago takes good care of its cyclists, and even has some traffic laws that protect them, and all sorts of bike initiatives. As a tourists, although Chicago is big, lots of its more scenic neighborhoods can be visited on bike.

    Beijing, China

    Beijing is not the biggest city in the world (that honor goes to Shanghai), but Beijing is probably the city with the most bicycles in the world. Because there is such a huge number of cyclists in the city, there are more than enough amenities for them, which can naturally be enjoyed by visitors as well.

    Perth, Australia

    Perth has 700 kilometers of bike lanes, and most of them will take you by some very interesting sights, so this Aussie city is as bike friendly as possible both for its inhabitants and its visitors.

    The busy downtown areas can be easily navigated on bike, and Perth’s lovely and extensive parks are just perfect for cycling.

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