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  • The scariest bike trails in the world

    Yungas Road, photo by Jimmy Harris

    Mountain biking is so different from regular biking that you could even say that there is nothing in common between the two except for the fact that both are done using bicycles. But even the bikes used for mountain biking are vastly different from your usual bikes.

    That the trails should be different is no surprise – while regular bikers will content themselves with a tour of the park, mountain bikers actively seek out the most dangerous and rugged terrain they can find.

    There is no shortage of terrifying mountain bike trails in the world, and some of these can be quite dangerous and fit only for experienced bikers, while others simply look dangerous. And here’s a list of some of the scariest bike trails in the world.

    Black Mountain, Brevard, North Carolina

    photo by Kolin Toney

    Pisgah National Forest in NC has some truly scenic trails peppered with waterfalls, verdant forest and beautiful vistas, but when it comes to Black Mountain, beauty matters less and you’ll find yourself focusing on simply staying in the saddle. The crazy jumps, drops and switchback will surely give you some healthy thrills.

    Comfortably Numb , Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

    This bike track in British Columbia isĀ  known to be one of the most challenging single track bike trails in the world, and it’s definitely not a place for rookies. The track was specifically designed to test the skills of technically advanced bikers, who will have to use all their resources to conquer the trail’s steep climbs, rock faces and bridges.

    Porcupine Rim Mountain Bike Trail, Moab, Utah

    photo by dh Reno

    There are several challenging bike trails in Moab, and while Porcupine Rim is not the most famous, it is definitely one o the scariest. Some sections of the trail are so difficult that you might find yourself pushing your bike, which is not as bad as it sounds because you get to see some beautiful bits of scenery.

    Pasubio, Vicenza, Italy

    The Pasubio trail near the small town of Ville de Pasubio used to be a road, but it was converted into a hiking and mountain biking trail. As it is located in the Alps, you can be assured that the scenery will be worth any amount of trouble, and the little details like the numerous tunnels and sharp turns will really spice up your ride (sometimes unbearably).

    Yungas Road, Bolivia

    photo by Jimmy Harris

    Better know as the Road of Death, Yungas Road is notoriously the most dangerous road in the world, for cars, buses, bikes and probably even pedestrians.

    The 60 km road from La Paz to Coroico is definitely not for beginners, as it is extremely dangerous, not only because of the 600 meter drops into the rainforest, but also because of the rain, fog or dust.

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