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  • Fall flights to Europe with Lufthansa


    Lufthansa ©chinaoffseason/Flickr

    If you want to admire fall foliage in Moscow or Berlin, these fall flights to Europe with Lufthansa our deal hunters picked this week are perfect for you. Here are some sample Europe flights with freshly confirmed prices:

    → New York City to Moscow for $639
    Denver to Venice for $1,024
    → Miami to Berlin for $775

    Rates include taxes and fees and are based on mid-week travel. You have to depart to Europe by October 31, return by November 31 and your stay cannot exceed 1 month. You have to book your Lufthansa airfare 14 days in advance and have to stay over in Europe for minimum one Saturday.

  • 10 things you (probably) didn’t know about Washington

    The best thing about really large cities is that no matter how long you’ve lived in them, you can still find surprising things about them. When it comes to the US capital, many might feel like they know a lot about it even without having visited the city, because it is a popular tourist destination and many of its attractions are known worldwide. But Washington, like any other city, has its secrets, and sometimes not even the biggest local history buff is aware of them. So if you are planning to visit Washington DC, or you just like to know random interesting facts about cities, here are 10 things you (probably) didn’t know about Washington.

  • The best summer trips for students

    If you are a student and a traveler, then summer must be your all time favorite season, because you get two or three full months of holiday when you can do whatever you want, and travel wherever you want. When it comes to summer traveling, the only thing that can stop a student is budget, but even that problem can be overcome with a few tricks.

    There are lots of possible summer trips that are affordable and also very fun. So here is some inspiration for students who are wondering how to fill their summer break: the best summer trips for students.

  • The Grandest 4th of July Celebrations in the US

    photo by Lanana

    Fireworks are what make the 4th of July so great, but as everybody knows, that’s not all there is to the American national day. Most of the time, the bigger a city is, the more elaborate and long the celebrations tend to be, and the festivities are definitely not limited to fireworks (although these can be quite impressive on their own, and a the perfect grand finale for the day).

    Concerts, events, theater, exhibitions, parties, food and drink, that’s what you can expect at the grandest 4th of July celebrations in the US, and here’s a list of some of the best.

  • 5 Budget Travel Destinations

    The top 5 budget travel destinations are argued, but there is no arguement that these are five of the best places you can visit in midst of rising prices.

    1. Bangladesh
    Bangladesh is one of the cheapest places to travel in the world. You can get great meals for a very cheap price (below $1) and hotel rooms are also inexpensive. Sunderbans National Park is the must visit place in Bangladesh, you will pay around $150 for a tiger viewing tour in this park, but the price is still cheaper than other places such as India.

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