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  • The best summer trips for students

    If you are a student and a traveler, then summer must be your all time favorite season, because you get two or three full months of holiday when you can do whatever you want, and travel wherever you want. When it comes to summer traveling, the only thing that can stop a student is budget, but even that problem can be overcome with a few tricks.

    There are lots of possible summer trips that are affordable and also very fun. So here is some inspiration for students who are wondering how to fill their summer break: the best summer trips for students.


    Scotland is far, but worth every single hour of travel. If you know how to look for airfare deals, you can definitely find a cheap flight to Scotland, or a random airport in the UK and make your way to Scotland by bus or train. Scotland has the advantage of not being very hot, and being very, very beautiful.

    You can explore city landscapes if you wish (there are lots of affordable hostels in major cities), or just put up your tent at a campsite and enjoy outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, biking.

    Washington DC

    As it happens, the US capital is not a very expensive place to visit. Budget travel to Washington is not difficult to arrange, and the city itself won’t break the bank. There are cheap eats at almost every corner, you can find decent accommodation for students (hostels and cheap hotels), and there are plenty of monuments and museums to visit: the Holocaust Memorial, the FBI building, etc.

    New Orleans

    After having partially recovered after Katrina, New Orleans is especially welcoming of visitors. Although most people visit the Big Easy during Mardi Gras season, there is plenty to keep you occupied during summer.

    The French Quarter is a place that will never allow you to get bored, and there are other very interesting sights in the city, like Saint Louis No. 1 cemetery, the Bayou, river cruises, etc.

    Transylvania, Romania

    Since vampire lore makes Romania out to be much gloomier than it actually is, you might be surprised to find almost permanent sunny weather, lively cities and towns with lovely architecture, lots of monuments and museums, great nightlife and very affordable food, transport and accommodation. Visit Sibiu, the 2007 European Capital of Culture, the medieval town of Sighisoara, or the beautiful mountain city of Brasov.


    If you don’t care much about history, you might not envoy the Mecedonian capital Skopje very much (but if you like history, you’ll be amazed by its attractions).

    For a more varied destination, head to Lake Ohrid, only a few hours from Skopje, where you can have natural beauty, traditional sights, nightlife and outdoor activities all at once.

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