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  • 5 national parks to visit this autumn in the US

    Great Smoky Mountains, photo by BalckburnPhoto

    Early autumn is the perfect season for spending some time outdoors if you’re lucky enough to get some fine weather. And mild weather notwithstanding, there’s another upside to going out into nature in autumn: autumn foliage! Of course, if you want to bask in the brilliantly colored beauty of autumn trees, you have to make sure that you’re visiting a destination in a temperate region, and more importantly, a deciduous forest. As these key ingredients can be encountered in many national parks, this is the perfect time of the year to spend a few days in a cabin, go camping or have a road trip. Here are 5 national parks to visit this autumn in the US.

  • Top 5 underground lakes in the world

    Melissani Lake, photo by John Karakatsanis

    Practical reasons aside, lakes are not bad places to live near, but even if you are not living next door to a lake, you can still make them the object of a trip. Lake shores are great for camping, provided that you know how to deal with mosquitoes, and many lakes are great for swimming, boating and fishing.

    Great lakes can be found not only above the ground, but under it too. Underground lakes and rivers are crisscrossing the planet wherever you go, but not all of them are safe to visit or have something interesting about them. But if lakes in caves sound like your cup of tea, here are the top 5 underground lakes in the world.

  • The best beach towns in the US

    If you are planning to spend your summer holiday at the beach, you are probably wondering where exactly to go. Of course, the most important factor is deciding your destination is the quality of the beach, but that’s not all – you need to pick a suitably pleasant town or city as well.

    Beach towns are known to be accommodating the needs of tourists, but naturally, some are better than the other. If you are searching for the perfect destination for your summer holiday, here’s a list of some of the best beach towns in the US.

  • The best summer roadtrips in the US

    Roadtrips are the quintessential American experience, especially (but not only) if you’re a college students who’s just experiencing their first couple of summers of freedom, when they can do whatever they want and have some adventures on their own.

    Roadtrips are not only fairly cheap, but they also allow you to see many places and roadside attractions that you might not have discovered otherwise. Roadside America is completely different than big city America, and if you want to see more of it, here are the best summer roadtrips in the US.

  • Where to Travel for Independence Day in 2011

    The US is a lucky case where the national day is in the middle of summer – which usually means lots of outdoor activities, picnics, fireworks and all the rest. A Fourth of November would be considerably less fun than the Fourth of July, so we propose that you make the most of this great celebration.

    How? By traveling to an amazing destination where you can enjoy Independence Day more than anywhere else! So for those who are already planning their Fourth of July, here are some suggestions on where to travel for Independence Day in 2011.

  • Top 5 most beautiful caves in the US

    Sonora Caverns, photo by epicanis

    There are many dark caverns hidden inside American’s mountains, and since caves are really interesting destinations if you don’t mind a bit of a hike (most of the time), here’s a list of the top 5 most beautiful caves in the US.

    Some caves are just like artwork produced by nature, and it’s hard to imagine that all those stalactites and stalagmites haven’t been fashioned by a very talented human hand. And since these caves are well known tourist magnets, there’s no need for a headlamp or even a flashlight.

  • Top 5 historical reenactment shows in the US

    History buffs, contrary to popular belief, don’t spend all their time bent over musty tomes and old papers. The amateur (and not s amateur) historian can find many outlets for his or her passion for the past, and one of the most exciting outlets are reenactment shows.

    Of course, reenactment shows might have started as a bit of fun for history lovers, but nowadays they are almost as good as a theater performance or a film. Professional actors dress up in period costumes and reenact various important historical events. So if you’re still annoyed at your highs chool history teacher for making you hate history, here’s your chance to see its fun side.

  • Top 10 best family vacation spots

    School has started a month ago, and I remember that about this time, back in my childhood, I was starting to get really sick of all the studying, and I really just wanted a vacation. Well, if you have kids, you probably know that they need a little bit of fun in order to function well, so why not devote a weekend to a family trip somewhere?

    We know how difficult it can be to choose a holiday destination where all the family can have fun, from young kids to grandparents. So to help you, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best family holiday destinations that can help you with the planning.

  • Best Thanksgiving Day destinations

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and while according to tradition people usually celebrate at home with their families, there’s no reason why you can’t be more innovative than that. The point of Thanksgiving is to spend it with the people you love, not to spend the evening at necessarily at home.

    You can pick a traditional place or something really nonconformist, the point is to have fun with your friends and family, and of course, gobble up loads of delicious food. Here are our top Thanksgiving Day destinations, to help you plan the perfect Thanksgiving holiday.

  • Popular Children-Friendly Destinations Across the USA

    Traveling with children is equally fun and demanding. Kids won’t always dig upscale restaurants or interminable museum visits, so if you are planning a family vacation this summer, you have to make sure that you also include some children friendly attractions. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily imply that you are stuck with Anaheim or Orlando; most US cities and national parks also have a children-friendly side – all you need is some little research. This is why today’s post is merely a teaser:

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