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  • 4 star Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre for $139

    Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre

    Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre

    Select a special place where you and your loved ones can spend your nice and exotic fall getaway on an exotic island. Book the Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre right now and pay from $139 per night for a room, saving big compared to the average rates of this 4 star hotel.

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  • The weirdest street food in the world

    Air batu campur, photo by avlxyz on Flickr

    Street food is a gift from heaven for travelers who are backpacking on a shoestring in some faraway country, and who prefer a taste of the local cuisine instead of international  fast-food chain fare.

    And it’s not just budget travelers who sing praises to these cheap and convenient meals, but also consecrated foodies too, who often travel great distances in search of some unique recipe, preferably served on a stick at street corners.

    But since street food is chiefly sold to satisfy the taste buds of the locals, a traveler from another part of the globe might have a hard time getting her or his palate used to the novel tastes and aromas. Here’s a list of the weirdest street food in the world, and if you can get these meals down then there’s no street food on the planet that you can’t ingest.

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  • Top 5 tourist attractions in Cuba

    After a long while when Cuba was not exactly a top tourist destination for anyone, the largest Caribbean island is now rapidly becoming a very good holiday attraction. Tourist accommodations are popping up in large numbers, the infrastructure is slowly being improved, and other than that, the country has no lack of interesting things to see.

    Whether you are interested in Cuba’s dance culture and delicious cuisine, or if you are more into natural wonders, you’re definitely not going to get bored on this sunny island. For those who wish to spend their holiday in this unique and exciting place, here are the top 5 tourist destinations in Cuba.

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  • Amazing Earth: Trinidad and Tobago

    I’m not one to say that colonialism was a good thing, historically and culturally speaking, but in the case of Trinidad and Tobago, I’m tempted to change my opinion just a little bit. After all, this island paradise would not have existed as we know it without the influence of the Spanish, British and French colonialists. The twin nation of Trinidad and Tobago embraces an amazing cultural diversity, which makes it unique even among its sister Caribbean states with whom it shares a similar history.

    Trinidad and Tobago are the birthplace of the calypso and soca music, and of the limbo dance, and the spring Carnival could easily compete with the likes of the Rio Carnival. Discover Trinidad and Tobago, one of the most amazing places on earth.

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  • 5 Most Disastrous Oil Spills in History

    The Louisiana oil spill has been officially declared as the worst oil spill in history of the United States. Unlike most such accidents, which are usually caused by an oil tank being damaged, the leak generated by the BP platform explosion seems unstoppable. And while accusations and solutions are trying to make sense out of this controversial case, thousands of birds and sea animals die suffocated by the oil layer.

    Dolphins, pelicans, crabs and sea turtles are only few of the species whose existence is being jeopardized by the oil spill, not to mention the fact that some of the best Florida beaches are now covered in oil residue and tar balls. The only hope is for the Deepwater Horizon spill to be stopped before becoming the worst spill ever: and judging by its predecessors, statistics look quite gloomy:

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  • 5 Fabulous After Easter Destinations

    Just as Easter is a great time to spend some unforgeable moments with your family, get to taste all those long awaited goodies and, of course, get emerged in all those fascinating traditions and spiritual quests, the after Easter vacation invites you to indulge yourself with the joys of travel. If the period preceding Easter is all about lent, pray, and mourning, then the post-Easter week calls for some action.

    Whether you head for some exotic beach or your are doing your own pilgrimage (in this sense, the Bright Week is just as rich in traditions and religious manifestations as the Holy Week). You can also look at the Easter week as a time to detoxify your body from all those calorie bombs and say goodbye to this short, but truly inspiring all-you-can eat diet, which is so typical for holiday period. From all corners of the world, here come some original Easter Week destinations:

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