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  • The most expensive dishes in the world and where to eat them

    photo by the evil monkey on Flickr

    Maybe you’ve won the lottery and you consider investing much of your prize into gourmet food, or maybe you’re just considering wandering around the planet and spending your life savings on outrageously expensive dishes out of curiosity. Or perhaps you are just interested in what the rich and famous spend their lunch money on while you are sampling affordable street food in some foodie paradise. In any case, when it comes to food no expenses are spared in some restaurants in the world, and while few people can testify about the quality of these pricey dishes, they are definitely made to be enjoyed. Here are some of the most expensive dishes in the world, and where to eat them.

  • The best Easter egg hunts in the world

    photo by Steven Depolo

    If you’re a Christian, then Easter is one of the most important holidays of the year, and a perfect opportunity to spend time with friends and family either at home, or even better in a faraway place that promises fun and adventure. And even if you’re not a religious sort, Easter is a great time to get away from home and from work and get up to some traveling, since April is as good a time as ever to be on the road. But if you are planning on traveling with kids, then Easter gets a whole new meaning: Easter bunnies, chocolate eggs and sometimes even presents! Go traveling with your family on Easter, and take your kids to some of the best Easter egg hunts in the world, they’ll have the time of their lives!

  • The weirdest St Patrick’s Day customs

    Chicago River, photo by apanoply on Flickr

    St Patrick’s Day is pretty common as far as holidays go, or at least on the surface it is. Celebrating national heritage with parades, traditional music, green clothes and pints of (sometimes) beer is nothing out of the ordinary, but don’t let these customs fool you – there are many other St Paddy’s traditions that can turn March 17th into one of the quirkiest days of the year. Since St Patrick’s Day is celebrated everywhere in the world where there are Irish communities (and even in some places where it the holiday seems totally out of place, and all the more fun for it!). So if you are planning on celebrating St Paddy’s in style, check out some of the weirdest St Patrick’s Day customs you can find anywhere.

  • The best city skylines in the world

    Tokyo skyline, photo by Ian Muttoo on Flickr

    Step into a city and become part of its day to day life by visiting cafes, galleries, theaters and busy shopping centers, get to know its streets and parks and people. But sometimes, if you want to fully appreciate a city, you need to take a step back and admire things from afar. A city’s skyline can be just as iconic as its individual landmarks, and in some cases even more so. After all, a modern skyscraper seems all the more impressive when you see it from a distance, towering over all the other buildings around it! If you are an urban explorer who likes to see the best features of a city from an outsider’s point of view, here are some of the best city skylines in the world.

  • 5 secret bars in the world and how to find them

    The whole point of opening a business is to get as many customers as possible and make profit, or at least that’s how things usually work everywhere in the world. But there are some businesses that are not interested in catering to very Tom, Dick and Harry, and prefer to build a rather more exclusive customer base – like a country club, for example. Another way is to keep the business hidden so that only the initiated can find you – this is how some of the most interesting bars in the world work. You’d have to look in the most unlikely p;laces to find them, and the chances of bumping into them by sheer luck are rather slim. But if you want to drink where few people drank before, here are 5 secret bars in the world and how to find them – just don’t tell anyone!

  • Crossing the Atlantic – top 5 cruises

    In the golden days of boat travel, at the beginning of the past century, crossing the Atlantic could be an utterly luxurious experience for some, and completely miserable for others, of course. But those who had the money and the means to secure a high-end cabin on a passenger liner could look forward to weeks of luxury, complete with elegant dinners, cocktail parties and all that jazz. Nowadays, crossing the Atlantic is less popular (thanks to fast planes), but there still are some cruise lines that provide Atlantic crossings for those who feel some nostalgia for the days when crossing the ocean was about glamor (for some). Here are some great ways for crossing the Atlantic – top 5 cruises.

  • The glitziest shopping avenues in the world

    Fifth Avenue, photo by Doug Kerr

    As much as you hate it, you can’t avoid shopping, but if you love it, then you probably don’t mind going out of your wait to visit places that are known as veritable shopper’s magnets. In some destinations around the world, it’s almost as if shopping had been elevated to the level of art – not only because of the incredible variety of things you can buy, but because the shopping areas themselves ended up looking like bona fide tourist destinations. Whether you have big plans of spending money, or you can just settle for some window shopping, some of the glitziest shopping avenues in the world are certainly impressive enough to warrant a visit.

  • The world’s most delicious destinations for chocolate lovers

    photo by Hans Thoursie

    If you really, truly love chocolate, then you will not need much convincing to say that chocolate makes the world around. But what if you went around the world for chocolate instead? Buying truffles and creme filled bonbons at the neighborhood chocolate shop will satisfy your craving for this tasty treat, but for many people it’s not enough – they will travel for hundreds or thousands of miles just to get a taste of a special kind of chocolate, or visit a chocolate factory where their favorite dessert is made. If a decadent holiday is what you want too, then check out some of the world’s most delicious destinations for chocolate lovers.

  • Top 10 most visited tourist attractions in the world

    Trafalgar Square, photo by David Baron

    If there was a course on traveling 101, there would be a couple of destinations that would most likely make the list of places that a tourist has got to see in their lifetime. Not only because they are really quite interesting, but because travelers of every type visit them, and it would possibly be a blow on your traveler’s cred (in some traveler circles, at least) to say that you’ve never seen them before. If you’re only at the beginning of your ‘career’ as traveler, seasoned travelers might tell you to ditch any rules and visit whatever makes you happy, but it doesn’t hurt to take a look at some of the top 10 most visited tourist attractions in the world – there’s a good reason why they are so popular!

  • The largest and most interesting libraries in the world

    Zurich University Library, photo by tomatoos on Flickr

    Bookworm travelers rarely leave on a trip without bringing either a few beloved paperbacks with them, or, more recently, an e-reader full of interesting new books. But there are other ways as well for a literature geek to indulge in their passion for the written word while they are traveling. How about visiting a few libraries? You might not have time to stay long enough to read something, but some of the largest and most interesting libraries in the world are true works of art.

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