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  • Places with the clearest sky for star-gazing

    The Mlky Way over Utah

    The Milky Way over Utah ©Mike Durkin/Flickr

    Night sky disappeared before our eyes. Hundreds of thousands of stars that could be seen with the naked eye before are now almost invisible because of the bright lights of the cities.

    Throughout Europe and the United States studies have shown that children who are born in our time, have a chance to see 10 times less of this night sky. Although many people think that they have an idea of ??the stars and see them in the night , this gift of our from nature is a rarity these days. Worldwide there are few places where you can see a complete picture of the night sky, here are some places with the clearest sky for star-gazing.

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  • The stunning nature reserves of Suriname

    photo by borderlys on Flickr

    South Africa has such amazingly well known tourist attractions, and natural wonders that the whole world has heard about, and yet there’s always some spot to be found on the map where few tourist tread.

    Suriname is located in one such forgotten corner of the continent, sandwiched between Brazil, Guyana and French Guyana. Suriname calls itself the beating heart of the Amazon, and this is no mere overstatement. The country can best be described as a lush and green patch of forests crisscrossed by rivers, hiding an extraordinary cultural diversity.

    Suriname’s people is a mix and match of people descended from British and Dutch colonists, African slaves, Indian and Indonesian indentured workers and indigenous people, and while the cultural makeup has changed over the centuries, one thing stayed the same: the country’s natural beauty. Here is a short guide to the stunning nature reserves of Suriname.

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  • The coolest rainforest destinations in the world

    Corcovado National Park, photo by Miguel Vieira on Flickr

    Our planet would not be the same if we didn’t have rainforests, and the world as we know it would most likely be replaced by a harsher, much more inhospitable place. Rainforests produce almost a third of the planet’s oxygen turnover, they are home to more then a half of the world’s species and their are vast natural pharmacies where a quarter of our natural medicine originates from these majestic places.

    Some of the most incredible wonders of the world can be found in rainforests – animals, plants and natural environments that are so beautiful that they take your breath away. Delve into the mysterious world of rainforests by visiting some of the coolest rainforest destinations in the world.

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  • The natural wonders of 2010



    All traveler’s, amateur or otherwise, have heard about UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, and this distinction is used as a guarantee that the place you’re about to see was well worth the long journey. World Heritage Sites can be forests, lakes, mountains, buildings or entire cities that have such a high natural or cultural importance that they are an essential part of human culture.

    So far, there are 911 World Heritage Sites in the world, and the list is growing! Here are the natural wonders of 2010, which have recently made the list.

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