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  • Places with the clearest sky for star-gazing

    The Mlky Way over Utah

    The Milky Way over Utah ©Mike Durkin/Flickr

    Night sky disappeared before our eyes. Hundreds of thousands of stars that could be seen with the naked eye before are now almost invisible because of the bright lights of the cities.

    Throughout Europe and the United States studies have shown that children who are born in our time, have a chance to see 10 times less of this night sky. Although many people think that they have an idea of ??the stars and see them in the night , this gift of our from nature is a rarity these days. Worldwide there are few places where you can see a complete picture of the night sky, here are some places with the clearest sky for star-gazing.

    The amazing night sky

    City residents can see for example about 500 stars every night but if they would go out of the city to a place like one from the below video, they could see some 15,000 stars, including the Milky Way.

    Natural Bridges National Monument

    The Mlky Way over Utah

    The Milky Way over Utah ©Mike Durkin/Flickr

    The first place that has been called  “international park with the darkest night sky” was Natural Bridges National Monument in the state of Utah. This park of the clearest sky for star gazing is located in Southeast Utah and fans of stars can clearly observe the Milky Way, bright stars and constellations here. During the summer, visitors can also attend training courses on astronomy.

    Cherry Springs State Park

    Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania is one of the few places on the East Coast of the United States where you can watch the starry sky and be amazed by the multitude of stars.

    Mont Megantic National Park

    Mont Megantic observatory

    Mont Megantic observatory ©Jean-David & Anne-Laure/Flickr

    Mont Megantic National Park in Quebec, Canada offers excellent conditions for watching the stars. This place is famous not only for its clean view of the stars, but also for its astronomical center, which is open to the public and which has got the second biggest telescope in Eastern Canada – one more reason to visit Quebec.

    Wiruna, Australia

    Among the eucalyptus forests of Australia there is an area of ??100 hectares, which attracts the attention of all lovers of the stars. The owner of this territory is the local astronomical community. Here you will find all the necessary equipment to observe the stars and also rent small houses to live – although many prefer to come up here with their tents. Each year, the astronomical community organizes so called  “star parties”, that consist of 200 to 400 people gazing up in the night, fascinated by the mysterious starry sky. That is definitely worth a travel to Australia!

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