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  • Emirates Airlines Cheap Flights to Male

    Maldives beach

    Maldives beach ©Gordon Flood/Flickr

    If your budget allows you one more vacation this year the Maldives is probably one of the most amazing destinations possible and with these Chicago to Male cheap flights we have found you can fly there with Emirates Airlines for $993 r/t.

  • Top five diving destinations in the Maldives

    Approaching the Maldives

    Approaching the Maldives ©thetravelguru/Flickr

    The Maldives has a reputation for its beautiful beaches and gorgeous, translucent waters. Visitors to the islands are often dazzled by the wealth of life that can be found under those blue waves as well.

    Stunning coral reefs and a mind-blowing variety of fish have made holidays to the Maldives a particular favorite for divers, snorkelers and water babies in general. Here are five of the top sites that should be on your list.

  • Top 5 things to see in the Maldives (besides the beaches)

    Male, photo by warrenski on Flickr

    The Maldives is practically the definition of a tropical paradise, with impossibly blue water, beaches with fine white sand and palm trees swaying in the breeze. Those who can afford to visit the Maldives usually go for the beaches and the idyllic atmosphere, and there is a lot of variety in sand grain size and palm tree type in the almost 1200 islands that make up the archipelago.

    About 80 of the islands have tourist resorts, but many more of them are inhabited, and they all have some interesting sights and spots to see even beyond the beach. It hasn’t to be that expencive to get there. Most airlines offers cheap flights to the Maldives. Loving the beach is usually a necessary condition of loving the Maldives, but there is so much more to this archipelago. Here are the top 5 things to see in Maldives (besides the beaches).

  • The most romantic Valentine’s Day destinations for 2012



    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you want to surprise your other half with something truly special, then it’s about time you started planning. As Valentine’s Day has become really popular even in countries and cultures where the holiday doesn’t actually exist, more and more people will be on the lookout for some romantic spots where they can celebrate.

    Chocolate and flowers are nice gestures of affection, but nothing is better at showing that you can then a trip out of town. Whether you’re thinking of a short weekend getaway or maybe a week-long holiday, here are some of the most romantic Valentine’s Day destinations for 2012.

  • Top 5 amazing islands to visit before they sink

    Kiribati, photo by Luigi Guarino on Flickr

    Global warming is a huge threat to the planet, and the short end of the stick was drawn by several islands and island nations which are most likely going to disappear under the water if ocean levels keep rising. Ice caps are steadily melting, and according to environmental research this means that many of the most beautiful places on earth will be a thing of the past.

    So don’t wait too long before visiting some of these astounding island destinations, because who knows how long they are going to be around! Here are top 5 amazing islands to visit before they sink.

  • The best over-the-top romantic destinations

    You may make fun of them and laugh them off, but unless you are a stone cold person there probably have been times in your life when you wanted to do nothing else but retreat to a completely cheesy and romantic hideaway and spend time with your loved one.

    The best over the top romantic destinations are sufficiently over the top in order to be great, and if you are in a romantic mood you will not regret choosing a place that is considered to be the epitome of romantic fluff. So embrace cheesy romanticism and have a great getaway!

  • Five endangered natural wonders of the world

    photo by Bjoern

    There are many lists of the wonders of the world, whether they’re man-made structures or natural wonders. Probably the most famous are the seven wonders of the ancient world, many of which have been destroyed as millennia went by. One might think that natural wonders are more enduring, seeing as they have been around longer than anything made by humans, but sadly it is not always so.

    Some of the existing wonders of the world are in danger of disappearing in a few centuries, or even decades, so if you want to be able to tell your grandchildren that you’ve seen them, you should hurry up and visit them while they still stand – so here are five of the endangered natural wonders of the world.

  • The most unusual restaurants in the world

    Bizarre places to eat

    They say that nothing beats a home-cooked dinner, but those of us who cannot boast of any culinary talents might disagree. Besides, going out for your meals has nothing to do with cooking abilities, most of the time. As any seasoned restaurant-goer knows, there is something very rewarding about browsing a menu, choosing a great dish that you’ve been dying to try for ages, and abiding by the rules of etiquette while eating with fancy cutlery. Eating at a restaurant can be a very pleasing pastime, especially if the restaurant itself is out of the ordinary. For a special dining experience, here is a list of the most unusual restaurants in the world.

  • Top 10 honeymoon destinations

    Winter is not exactly the most traditional season for weddings, but even if you and your significant other couldn’t wait until summer to tie the knot, you deserve a honeymoon that you’ll remember when you’re old. Honeymoons are supposed to be memorable, but there is no clear-cut profile of the perfect holiday destination. So, for variety’s sake, here are our choices for a top 10 honeymoon destinations list.

  • Top 10 sights in South Asia

    Taktsang Monastery, Bhutan

    The next installment of our series of posts about the absolute top ten sights on each continent will probably offend geography purists, but given the sheer size of the Asian continent, coming up with only 10 attractions is a difficult task. So instead, this post will present the best sights in each part of Asia.

    South Asia is still a pretty big place, and there are far more interesting attractions beyond those that made the list. So, in no particular order, here are the tourist destinations that should feature on anyone’s list of things to see in South Asia.

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