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  • Top 5 amazing islands to visit before they sink

    Kiribati, photo by Luigi Guarino on Flickr

    Global warming is a huge threat to the planet, and the short end of the stick was drawn by several islands and island nations which are most likely going to disappear under the water if ocean levels keep rising. Ice caps are steadily melting, and according to environmental research this means that many of the most beautiful places on earth will be a thing of the past.

    So don’t wait too long before visiting some of these astounding island destinations, because who knows how long they are going to be around! Here are top 5 amazing islands to visit before they sink.


    Kiribati is one of the quaintest island nations on the planet, and not exactly your regular tropical destination. Kiribati is no tourist paradise, but those who visit it cannot fail to be impress by the friendliness of the people, the local traditions and the stunning beach landscapes.

    Kiribati’s 33 atolls are sprinkled over an area of 3.5 million square kilometres, so don’t only stick to the capital of Tarawa or the fairly popular Kirimati (Christmas Islands), and take a look at some of the outer islands as well.


    Tuvalu, photo by Stefan Lins on Flickr

    The low-lying atolls and islands of Tuvalu will be some of the first pieces of land to be flooded by the rising ocean levels. Tuvalu is not a place where you can expect to find dramatic scenery, nor any particularly exciting urban destinations, but on the other hand, there is no better place to relax on the beach and take it easy than Tuvalu. There are plenty of diving and snorkeling spots.


    Tourism is the largest industry in Maldives, and unfortunately, there isn’t any way that you can visit this island paradise on a budget. Most resorts are strictly for those with a hefty bank account, but seeing as this paradise-like island nation might very well be under water in a few centuries, perhaps it might be a good idea to save up for a trip. The main things to do in the Maldives are diving, snorkeling and surfing, but of course lounging on the beach has many adepts as well.

    Marshall Islands

    Marshall Islands, photo by Stefan Lins on Flickr

    The lovely low coral islands and atolls of the Marshall Islands are also under threat of sinking, and it would be a pity not the experience these Micronesian islands and their interesting mix of cultures.

    The outer islands, despite their sad history of nuclear tests and military bases have a delightful Pacific atmosphere.


    The active volcanoes and many picturesque sights of the 83 islands that make up Vanuatu are a delight to visit – but not for long, apparently. Although Vanuatu might not be quite as flat as Tuvalu, for example, many of the smaller islands might very well disappear in several decades, so don’t delay visiting this warm and friendly island nation.

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